Hello, I'm Brandon. I'm a user-focused, tech-minded, action-oriented, team-quarterbacking product leader. I'm a husband, dad of 3 wild boys, and avid fan of the Denver Broncos. I like good bourbon, but I also like piña coladas. I'm growing a handlebar mustache and I once owned my own theatre company.

A Story

For 6 years, I worked as a waiter at a seafood restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico (slinging fish in the desert). Often, the people I served had never eaten good seafood.  Getting to watch someone take their first bite of a good piece of Halibut made the job incredible.

That’s the aspect of creating beautifully crafted experiences that I most enjoy: learning someone’s tastes so I can deliver beyond their expectations.


I’ve taken that same philosophy into every role I’ve been in since then. It’s because I’m passionate about delivering indispensable solutions to complex problems that fit into existing processes so the solution is seamless and makes lives better.